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Farmer Dawsons Milk
Local warwickshire milk Dawsons Full Cream Milk - 2Ltr £1.59
Dawsons Semi-skimmed Milk - 2Ltr £1.59
Dawsons Skimmed Milk - 2Ltr £1.59

Farmer Dawsons Ice-Cream
Dawsons ice-cream Vanilla Ice Cream - 1 Ltr £3.99
Strawberry Ice Cream - 1 Ltr £3.99
Raspberry Ice Cream - 1 Ltr £3.99
Chocolate Ice Cream - 1 Ltr £3.99
Banana Ice Cream - 1 Ltr £3.99
  Butterscotch Ice Cream - 1 Ltr £3.99
  Cinder Toffee Ice Cream - 1 Ltr £3.99
  Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream NEW - 1 Ltr £3.99

Farmer Dawsons Dairy made Yoghurts
local yoghurt Pack of 4 Yoghurts
4 x 140ml
Strawberry / Raspberry / Blueberry / Rhubarb

Farmer Dawsons Yummy Flavoured Milkshakes
farmer dawsons milkshakes Pack of 3 Milkshakes
3 x 250ml

Strawberry / Chocolate / Banana
  Strawberry Milkshake - 1Ltr
  Chocolate Milkshake - 1Ltr
  Banana Milkshake - 1Ltr

Farmer Dawsons Dairy Made Cream & Butter
  Double Cream - 1 pint £1.60
  Whipping Cream - 1 pint £1.50
  Butter - 250gm

Farmer Dawsons Specially Selected Farm Foods
  6 Free Range Eggs £1.55
  Freshly Baked Local Bread -
Large White Sliced Loaf
  Freshly Baked Local Bread -
Large Brown Sliced Loaf
  Freshly Baked Local Bread -
Large White Bloomer
  Freshly Baked Local Bread -
Multi Grain Loaf
  Apple Pie £2.50
  Pure Orange Juice - 1 Ltr £1.12


We've added some great new flavours to our range of Dairy made ice-cream. Come and check
them out!

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creamy Yoghurts
in a variety of
flavours and yummy milkshakes too!

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Farmer Dawsons Kimberley Hall Farm, Bentley, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2JR

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